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Alessandro Acquisti

Carnegie Mellon University

Anonymity, Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral Economics, and Privacy and Security

Laura Brandimarte

University of Arizona

Behavioral Economics and Privacy Impact Assessments

Deirdre Mulligan

University of California Berkeley

Cybersecurity, Privacy Policy, and Technology Governance

Kenneth Bamberger

University of California Berkeley

Data Privacy, Freedom of Expression, Privacy and Security, and Technology Regulation

Serge Egelman

University of California Berkeley

Data Privacy, Privacy and Security, Privacy Policy, and Technology Governance

Melanie Reid

Lincoln Memorial University

Robotics and Surveillance

Nicolas Petit

University of Liège

Artificial Intelligence, Intellectual Property, and Robotics

Margot E. Kaminski

University of Colorado

Artificial Intelligence, Freedom of Expression, Robotics, and Technology Governance

Kari Karppinen

University of Helsinki

Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Information, Media, Media and Commuication Policy, and Media Pluralism

Natali Helberger

University of Amsterdam

Data Protection and Technology Governance