CMU Capstone Project Opportunities

Lorrie Cranor, Director of CyLab Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory (CUPS) and co-director of Master of Science in Information Technology—Privacy Engineering at Carnegie-Mellon University is looking to connect her students to possible summer internships and capstone project opportunities. If you have either, please reach out to Lorrie directly at lorrie@cs.cmu.edu. The following is a description of the types of students seeking internships and an overview of the capstone project guidelines. (Please note: most participants are international students.)

Internship Opportunities- Student Profile: Privacy engineering masters students with backgrounds in computer science who have completed two semesters of graduate-level privacy course work such as Law & Policy, Usability, and Software Engineering.

Capstone Project Guidelines: An organization will sponsor 9-week privacy engineering projects starting in either June or September. A team of 2-5 privacy engineering masters students with technical backgrounds will be assigned to the project, along with a faculty mentor to supervise their work. Students are expected to work on the project 30-40 hours per week. Organizations are asked to provide a 1-page project description, a contact person who will commit to having a brief conference call with the student team each week, and funding and other necessary resources for the project. The students will do the work from Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. The students will deliver a final report, any other agreed-upon deliverables, and a final project presentation. Ideally, the project will be well-defined with the option for some creativity by the the students. In the past students have developed prototypes, conducted surveys and user testing, and analyzed alternative solutions — all in response to a sponsor’s privacy-related problem. Past project sponsors include American Express, Lufthansa, Facebook, SpiderOak, and the Future of Privacy Forum. A brief description of the CMU capstone project can be found here http://privacy.cs.cmu.edu/capstone/index.html