Privacy Scholars Fellowship applications to PEP at George Mason University

Program on Economics and Privacy at George Mason University
Call for Participation for 2017-2018 Privacy Scholars Fellowship Program

The Program on Economics & Privacy (PEP) at George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School invites applications for the 2017-18 Privacy Scholars Fellowship Program. The Privacy Scholars Fellowship Program is designed to support research on the economics of privacy and data security. Total honorarium payments of $12,000 per paper will be available to those who complete all stages of the program. The PEP will provide lodging and meals at all events, but participants will be responsible for their own transportation arrangements and expenses.

The Fellowship Program is structured in five stages that are designed to lead to the completion of an original piece of scholarly work suitable for publication.

1. Submission of Research Proposal – Submission Deadline of October 13, 2017
2. Research Roundtable at Antonin Scalia Law School (December 14-15, 2017)
3. First Draft (February 16, 2018)
4. Presentation of Second Draft at Digital Information Policy Scholars Conference at Antonin Scalia Law School (April 27, 2018)
5. Completion of Final Draft and Submission to an Academic Journal (Summer 2018)

For more detailed information about each of the five stages and to apply to the PEP Privacy Scholars Fellowship Program, visit their web site: : http://bit.ly/2wQe9Fz